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Review: Iris Photo Suite

What does it do?

Iris Photo Suite is a really comprehensive photo editing app which lets you do everything from basic cropping to selective colour application. It also has a big bank of filters and effects. However, Iris Photo Suite really stands out because it gives user so much control over their images.


  • Iris Photo Suite has intensity sliders for each filter, so you can make effects as subtle or as extreme as you please. This is something I look out for every time I review an app now, as I think it’s really important! 
  • There’s so much choice. You don’t have to worry about flicking through different applications, everything is all within one.

  • The effects and filters are of a good quality and there aren’t any that look too similar either. I’ve found in the past that photo apps which try to tick all of the boxes often fall short when it comes to filters.
  • Many elements of Iris Photo Suite beat even specialist apps, for instance, the selective colour tool is just as good as other apps which focus on playing around with colour. 


    • There aren’t any photo service sharing options, which for such a comprehensive app is a big shame, a share to Flickr option would have worked really well.
    • The user interface can be a little confusing, but this could well be because there’s so much crammed into one app! 

    Do you need it?


    I’m getting to the point now where I have so many apps which I love that I’m really spoilt for choice and I end up flicking between four or five. Iris Photo Suite combats that problem, it keeps me within just one, good quality app and produces results to a really high standard. 

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