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Review: Toy SLR

What does it do?

Toy SLR is a simple yet effective photo editing app from TEKTEK, which gives your photos a Toy Camera and SLR-like effect by allowing you to make changes to a range of different settings, including saturation, blur and brightness.


  • There’s a little noise everytime you make a selection, or use one of the intensity sliders, which I imagine will be an annoying feature for some, but I thought it was really handy!
  • Toy SLR has a very simple and intuitive UI, as well as a quick rendering time, making it ideal for speedy editing on-the-go.

  • The app consists of three main sections focus, colour and brightness, which can all be tweaked using a range of different features and intensity sliders.
  • In the focus section you can change the position and the size of the area by simply pinching and zooming with your fingertips.
  • You can save the final images to your photo album, share via email or send to Twitter.
  • There’s a settings menu, which allows you to make changes to the way the app works, as well as photo settings and the ability to change the resolution of your images.


  • It’s good that the app has ‘share to Twitter’ functionality, but it would have been useful to also be able to share to Facebook or even send final images out to Flickr as well. 
  • It can take a little bit of tweaking if you want to get that exact ‘toy camera’ look. The developers recommend taking your photos from a higher angle too, if you want the results to look even more authentic.

Do you need it? 

There are lots of similar apps available on the market, particularly those that are focused on rendering toy camera-like effects. However, Toy SLR is very simple and easy-to-use, so I imagine it’d be perfect for quick editing rather than spending too much time learning how to navigate more complicated apps.

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