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Review: Leme Camera

What Does It Do?

Leme Camera, the latest incarnation of an app previously known as LomoLomo and then LemeLeme HD, hit the App Store on April 27. It’s a toy camera simulator that allows you to mix and match different cameras, lenses and frames. It shouldn’t be confused with LemeLeme, a very similar, although less fully featured, app from the same developers.


  • Tons of lens and filter options (15 lenses & 11 frames).
  • Nine cameras, including: standard, action samplers, fisheye, light leak, HDR simulation & more.
  • Offers both random and manual modes, for quick spontaneous shots or fine control over the output.

  • Surprisingly fun “map diary” that tours you through your previous photos (requires you enable location services).
  • Supports virtually all the social sharing sites you may need (Flickr, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Picasa & four popular Chinese sites).
  • Supports import from your Camera Roll to apply filters and frames to existing photos (except in action sampler and double exposure cameras).
  • Tap to focus and separate tap for exposure offer great control over your photos.
  • The current version offers everything for free.

  • Two resolution options: Standard (800x800 pixels) & High (full resolution).


  • The LemeLeme apps have gone through multiple name changes, feature revisions & price changes over the past five months. In some cases this has resulted in users having to pay more than once for the same lenses and cameras.
  • Photo processing is painfully slow compared to similar apps.
  • The app is so prone to crashing that it’s highly risky to use it as a camera, instead import your photos and apply your choice of filter and frame.
  • No matter how many times you select a lens and frame, or toggle the resolution to High, Leme Camera will randomly revert to Random mode and Normal resolution, sometimes ruining your photo if you don’t notice in time.
  • Action sampler cameras don’t allow you to select a lens, meaning you end up with a different filter effect in each panel of the finished image.

Do You Need It?

Truthfully I’m on the fence about whether to recommend Leme Camera. If you like Lomo-style effects you’ll love the lens effects, they’re deeply saturated and run the gamut from traditional & cross-processed Lomo effects to color tints to monochrome. But you need the patience of a saint to use Leme Camera regularly without giving in to the urge to throw your iPhone at a wall.

Because the current offering is the best so far in terms of number of camera options while being genuinely free I’m giving it a very tepid thumbs up. You certainly don’t need Leme Camera but you should snag it while it’s free and give it a shot. If nothing else it will make you appreciate your other, more stable photos apps.

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